Our church is about jesus

At the center of all of our messages and programming will be Jesus and His wonderful love for us.

we believe church should be fun

The bible says a good teacher makes learning a joy.  We love to laugh and be together. Our hope is to have environments that are filled with joy and laughter.

our church is generous

God so loved the word that He gave. This is the foundation of the new testament church. God demonstrated His generosity in sending the best that He had.  We seek to demonstrate that same generosity as a church. 

Our church is life - giving

Jesus spent much of His ministry lifting people up and giving them Hope - our desire is to do that same thing.  We want to create environments where people are mentored and encouraged to be the best they can be, while being given purpose and hope that they can walk in the best life God has for them. 

Our church empowers others

Jesus spent much of his time empowering and equipping people. We seek to follow his example to empower and equip people to walk out the plan that God has for them.