We love R-Kids and we want them to have every opportunity to connect with God and have a fun! Every week, our leaders pour into the next generation - raising up world-changers who love God and the community! Children are brought into a nurturing environment where they experience a structured plan for learning and development that is tailored for their age group.

R-Kids is designed to be clean, safe, and fun. As you experience our worship experience in our main auditorium, your children will be enjoying their own awesome service, which is designed with them in mind! Our R-Kids team love kids, and love seeing their lives impacted.


All R-Kids team members have completed and passed a background check to ensure your child’s safety. Each child is registered and checked-in with our automated system, so that we can ensure they are safe while you are in service. If it is your fist time attending Revolution Church please consider using our pre-register option for your child to speed up the check-in process.